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The Go Anywhere Girl never left, but she’s back.

HAPPY 2018!

Hi, it’s Rai. The Go Anywhere Girl. We meet again! It’s been too damn long. Maybe you’ve followed my posts I’ve been sharing on Instagram: @thegoanywheregirl and my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/goanywheregirl but I haven’t actually sat down and blogged. If you have been following, THANK YOU!!! It means a lot to me to share these adventures and connect with other travelers/lovers of travel along the way!

What a year it’s been! As much as you just want to travel the world and see it all, some years you have to stay put. 2017 was the year of  continuing to work towards one goal: getting a house in Nashville. Ever since my husband Eric and I moved here in 2014 we had been working our jobs and playing gigs. We finally started to discuss the idea and said, “Hey, let’s see if we can actually do this.” It was stressful. Most things you’ve never done before can feel stressful and daunting. Before actually embarking on this journey whenever someone said, “We just bought a house.” I would say WOW that’s awesome! Not having ANY clue the amount of work, planning and stress that goes into it.

After months of working, saving, stress, back and forth, calls, paperwork, contracts that were way over our heads, waiting with no answers for weeks, help from our realtor Tracee Perrin and a lot of red wine nights, we FINALLY closed on our HOUSE! It was a day later than our closing was supposed to be (so we were getting worried) but down to the last hours, it happened!!! We got OUR KEYS and headed over right away to move everything out of the shitty in between apartment that we hated. I won’t go into it, but for starters it was filled with brown recluses and hadn’t been updated since 1970something. And not in a cool vintage way. We began painting our bedroom, living room walls and making it our own. It was such a crazy feeling to pick out paint colors! That’s something I had never even thought of before. I’ve never painted a wall in any of the places that I lived in because I knew they were all temporary. My sweet in-laws came down all the way from Calgary, Alberta just to help us get settled in and get everything installed. So thankful for them, all their hard work and help during this whole process! We repaid them in good Nashville eats and a Jack Daniels Distillery Tour.

So now we are in our OWN HOME. We love it. We have space. Comfort. It’s very inspiring. Our two cats dig it. And we feel very happy and thankful in here everyday. Not a day passes that we don’t look around and say, “I can’t believe we are finally in a house!” And it’s ours. It has a lot of room for us to be creative and work on the dreams we have: MUSIC AND TRAVEL. And to just enjoy spending time with each other.

We moved here in November 2014 because we felt it was time for a change in our music careers. We knew some people through the music scene and from attending Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. We got jobs right away which was very lucky, worked a lot, tried to settle in, booked some shows and transitioned from California—>Tennessee. I decided to start this blog in 2015 because I love travel, writing, taking videos, taking pictures, editing, going to new places and sharing those experiences. It’s something that was already fun for me. And I have SO many photos from past travels. In the transition I was thinking, “What else would I want to do in conjunction with or instead of music if I had to pick something?” Travel is always that answer! And Eric said to me, “Yes! That makes so much sense! Why don’t you have a travel blog already?!” So here it is. You can also check out Go Anywhere Girl on Facebook and on YouTube and  Instagram

I love watching other travelers for inspiration! We only have Netflix for TV so YouTube has been very entertaining for us. One of my newest favorites over the past year has been Mark Weins of Migrationology. If you love learning about new places and new foods, check out his YouTube videos! He’s great. Another couple that I’ve loved watching and seeing them grow as travel vloggers over the years is Jess and Stephen of: Flying the Nest. They’re so cute! And those drone shots that Stephen gets are incredible! It’s just a really fun community of people who love being on the move and sharing. And that’s ME!

I started this blog but then quickly realized how hard it was to find the motivation once I was working A LOT and chasing my dreams here in Music City as an independent country artist. It was the feeling that “something has to fall behind” and it was the blog. But I’m ready and have a lot of ideas to share. So thanks for reading!

I was focusing obviously on the house but also on my music this Fall. You can find any of my music on all platforms like Spotify & iTunes. I’m all over social media under: Raihanna Estrada.  I released two singles this year which are both travel inspired! A lot of my songs seem to have the travel theme in there from being on the go and having a lot of great memories of far off places.

1. Jump off the Train (inspired by Sweden)

2. Road Trippin’ – Nashville Dreamin’ Country Vol. 1 Album (my husband Eric Bickerstaffe and I wrote this one about our love for being gone, the open road & seeing as much as you can, while you can! Plus I mention a lot of things that I’ve actually never done)

“Jump off the Train” single cover photo

taken in Gothenburg, Sweden by @annaorneblad

I’m making this pact to myself here and now and with YOU that I’m going to post more! Whether it be VLOGS, BLOG, INSTAGRAM wherever, and share my travel experiences and travel tips with you!

Find me on my socials to stay up to date and see throwbacks of fun trips! Currently planning a big one for 2018.

So basically, the short version of this is:



Venice, Italy 2016.